M-R-IZADIAN® Digital Solutions

I provide premium-quality world-class digital creative services in Iran and the Middle East.


M-R-IZADIAN· Doctor Mohammad Reza Izadian, debuted the region's very first proprietary 3D virtual tour software.

M-R-IZADIAN continued to explore, experiment and grow: from web-design to augmented reality and from multimedia to advertising. As of March 2009 from Abu-Dhabi UAE , M-R-IZADIAN was officially reborn and this time centered in the heart of the Middle East, Iran*,Emirate ,Omman ,Qatar ,Malaysia .

Today, M-R-IZADIAN is determined to challenge the region's digital arena.

* M-R-IZADIAN Co. Ltd., as official presence of
  M-R-IZADIAN® Digital Solutions in Iran is
   A member of dnaunionHoldings Inc.

How I see the future

The sweet spot where well-engineered functionality leads to visual beauty I believe is what defines a good design.

What I deliver is simply the result of My joy in ultra-precise coding and pixel perfect craftsmanship.

Design Philosophy

The sweet spot where well-engineered functionality leads to visual beauty I believe is what defines a good design.

What I deliver is simply the result of My joy in ultra,precise coding and pixel,perfect craftsmanship.


Ata Parsa: General Manager
Reza Mohammady: Founder & Chief Technology Officer

LeAnn Keshishian: Digital Account Executive

Bahador Izadpanah: Senior Web Developer
Behzad Rahimi: Senior Digital Designer

Digital Branding

Multinational manufacturers and enterprise businesses, usually own several brands, subsidiaries and division, some even with different languages.

One of My major services, is to study, asses & analyze such cases to come up with the best strategic architecture to engineer the best brand communication and avoiding "brand fragmentation".

Digital Consumer Campaigns

When it comes to advertising, online is underrated. It`s cheaper, precisely targeted, tangibly effective and incomparably measurable.

But most importantly, it`s interactive. There are tons of ideas to make end-users engaged with your products and make a [virtual] user experience on top of product impression.

My creative team always come up with a tailor-made unique idea to create and run a fully digital campaign, and My analysts provide a comprehensive and precise report to prove the effectiveness.

Corporate Digital Comminucation

A website, is a substantial front to represent your business. But nowadays, you need more than a web-design company to create a digital communication tool so comprehensive and detailed and yet well-designed and engineered tailor-made for your corporate strategy.

For My corporate clients, I provide long-term digital communication services that consists of websites, apps, social media and any avialble digital communication tool and tactic.

Game-based Campaigns

Anything can be engaging and even addictive as long as it is perfectly "gamified".

My strong game-design backgrounds, didn't only give Me the technological edge; but also a great inspiration to turn online campaigns into web-based games.

Online Business

No matter how successful you are gathering new customers, the bigger challenge is always keeping them.

A deep research about what makes your fans stay fans, will lead to a creative digital program to keep in touch with you. Like a loyalty club for a luxury brand or a strategy game for a bank, it helps you …..


I provide premium - quality world - class digital creative services-nothing stops Me from being the best.

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